Sunday, November 07, 2010

Coming out of hibernation



Miss me?

Let’s see (counting counting)... it has been about a year and a half since I have posted on this blog.  It wasn’t just neglect.   I made the decision to stop for a while.

But I love to write, and I find myself writing about our farm in my head as I go about my day, so the lure of the written word brings me back to this space.  I read back about the years gone by and marvel at where we have come from.  And I wonder where we are going.  The fact that madcap adventures and farm hilarity seem to dog everything we undertake helps me in my quest for topics, to be sure.

A few months ago I started writing again on a new blog called I’m Becoming Joyful.  Over there I’m writing about the profound changes in my life since embracing the truth about who I am in Christ.  And I’m writing about how God magnifies joy in my life when I serve others.

And here?  Back to writing about the madness!


Mom said...

YES I missed you. This blog is so much fun to read.

Benjamin Rosenbaum said...

me too!

Knights' Mama said...

I'm glad your back writing too! Can't wait to hear all you have to say.

Patti said...

Thanks all! There is sooooo much to write about around here. :-) It's a lot of fun.