Saturday, February 14, 2009

Drought solutions!

Stephen and I are very pleased with ourselves.

This week we have come up with three, yes THREE, ways to cause the skies to rain, even in the most severe drought conditions. If you are not local to us, you may not know that we are in one of the worst droughts in 50 years in our area. Our drought level is rated at "exceptional", the highest (or worst) level.

But, folks, we can help! Each of the following techniques has been independently tested. Yes, that means that we, the Brown family, have caused it to rain THREE times this week!

And here are our scientifically proven methods:

1) Wash the mud room floor. Merely sweeping will not do. It must be washed and gleaming.

2) Transfer the chickens from their cozy, heavy wooden brooder to the lightweight portable hoop house so that they can graze. This one will bring heavy winds as well.

3) Organize an outdoor music event utilizing most of your expensive electrical music equipment. Best to transport the equipment in the open bed of your pickup truck.

I am looking out the window at rain as I write. Thanks, of course, to Stephen's brilliant implementation of #3. Well done, my dear!

Do you think we could get a grant to study this? We could use a few bucks, and with all the economic stimulation going on, well...