Sunday, December 05, 2010

Joy in the Waves ~ A Cropped Photo

We just returned from an incredible family vacation, our first with our extended family.  My amazing and generous father took both my brother and me, along with our families (and our mom!), on a trip to Hawaii.  There were nine of us all together.

I have oodles of gorgeous photos... Hawaii is such a beautiful place even an amateur like me can take decent pictures!  For fun, I decided to try out a challenge that Jenny at Home Is Where You Start From runs weekly. 

This week she challenges her readers to post a cropped picture.  I am working with a very basic camera so I have built in limitations.  But this was a great opportunity for me to look with a slightly different eye at some of my shots.

In the cropped version the story is my sister-in-law's joy.  She is living in the moment fully, and that energy shows.  I love the movement in the waves.  The strips of color in the water have a stronger impact.

The full shot tells a different story... I feel her emotion, but I also have a sense of perspective, how small she is.  The story feels more about the water:

The L.E.N.S. Challenge is new every week; click on Jen's link to join up!

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