Saturday, September 04, 2004

saying goodbye

We spent quite a bit of time this week saying goodbye to friends we have made in CS over the past year. We had several play dates, and every one of the moms gave us pictures of her children to take with us! It was so sweet. We will have to get pictures of our children made so that the kids can send them off to their buddies

On Wednesday we went to the Star of the Republic Museum and learned about the 10 years in the 1800's when Texas was a republic. Its own country! Grasping this concept makes it easier to understand why Texans are so fierce in their love for their state. Texas is not an easy place to live, climate-wise. It astounds me not only how hard people had to work, but the conditions under which they lived. These folks made a life for themselves against the odds, and it is no wonder they were willing to fight for it. The museum staff taught the children about what life was like for kids their age in the 1830's in Texas. They all agreed that they have it easy now!

Farmer Boy loved it. In the afternoon we went down the road to Barrington Farm, which is a living history farm. It was named after Barrington, MA which was Dr. Anson Jones' hometown. Dr. Jones lived on the farm and was the third and last president of the Republic of TX. The boy got to pick cotton and has announced he is going to grow cotton as his cash crop. :-) He'll start with the seeds from the bolls he picked. He also loved trying the old fashioned toys, especially trying to keep a hoop rolling with a stick.

This weekend we have begun the process of actually moving our things. Wahooooooo!!!!

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