Friday, August 19, 2005

First calf of 2005

Look what I discovered this evening as I fed the goats!!!

Here he is with his Mama:

He is very young, a day or less I'd guess. Still a little wobbly. He is soooooo cute!

We're a bit (!) behind the rest of the cow breeding world, to whom common sense has dictated that the best month to birth calves in Texas is NOT August, often the hottest and driest month of the year. Our scientific method of breeding our girls consists of letting them live with a bull, and, uh, well, that's it. This clever method does afford happy little surprises, like the cutie above. It is also extremely easy (at least for the humans).

And there are definitely more on the way! There were some heavily laden and hungry girls out there tonight. Mooooo!


kan said...

Happy Birthday to the new family member. Love your site. <: -)

kan said...
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The Whippy Curly Tails said...

Contrats to you. Love the Mooooooo, a great place to hang out. Meow to the barn kitties...Blackie, Tanner & Miss S. =^..^=