Thursday, January 29, 2009

Things I have learned this week

1) My husband really likes "bringing home the bacon" the old-fashioned way - starting with a live pig.

2) Homemade sausage is way tastier than store-bought

3) Electric meat grinders are much easier to use than manual. And appallingly more expensive

4) A sharpened Henckels knife from 1993 works better, and is easier to clean, than a meat slicer from 1968.

5) In the time it takes me to google "green slime electric plug" Stephen can rewire the plug on an old meat slicer

6) I like facebook

7) Our cats are both male

8) It is cheaper to neuter male cats than spay female cats

9) It is a nice surprise to save $10 when you go to pay for your cats' surgery

10) I feel like planting when the weather is balmy

11) Six hours later when the temperature has dropped 40 degrees, all I want to do is sit in front of the fireplace.

12) A 2 year old does not intuitively grasp that he should not stick his butter knife in his sock at dinner

13) Coyotes eat their breakfast when we are finishing up ours, at 7:30am. Right outside our window. They prefer chicken for breakfast. Maybe they eat eggs for dinner.

14) A coyote with a chicken in its mouth runs faster than Stephen can walk from his seat to the gun safe

15) Our cats can take down a rabbit that is almost their size.

16) Our cats are very proud of this.

17) Out of respect, our cats may leave us an offering of a rabbit head on the front door mat. If we do not eat it, they will take it away to a suitable location for "burial"

18) Living here can be gross. Oh, I learned that years ago.


Jennifer said...

I fell off my stool laughing. Really.

Abigail said...

If you have a KitchenAid mixer you are welcome to use my meat grinder/sausage stuffer attachments. :)