Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thoughts on a Spring Night

Thoughts on a Spring Night (a poem by Mary Duce - my mom!)

It's 9 PM in Texas.
The June bugs have arrived.
They're crashing on our windows
And some of them survived.

They're beating out a rhythm
Of triumph over glass
They simply cannot fathom
They're better off in grass.

Their bodies litter sidewalks
They interrupt my peace
I wish there were a posse
Of June-bug death-police.

Oh why do June bugs come here
In April and in May???
If only they would disappear
Forever go away.

My night-time peace is bothered
By smashing sounds on glass
Don't let these ugly insects
Take kamikazi class.

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daniella said...

Did you write that? If so, you're quite a poet!

This is Daniella from Maximize Your Mornings at Inspired to Action and I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I'm so grateful for your kind words, incouragement and advice. The internet and blogging world could be such a grag and so hurtful at times, but I'm so thankful for strangers like you (and a sister in Christ!) who will tret me as if I"m part of your small group. Thank you so much.

Yes, the issue is one of the heart. I like reading my bible right before bedtime in bed but I find that when I do it in the morning it stays with me longer; I remember and meditate on His word much more and it preps me for the day. They don't call it a fighting Sword & Shield for nothing. We've decided to finally let him cry it out when he wakes at night (he's 12 months) and last night I'd say we survived. I'm hoping it will only get better and better so I can be up early and prepare myself to mother them with more love and patience.

Anyway, good to "meet" you, and thanks again!