Thursday, August 26, 2004

One More Day!!!!

So, 24 hours from now we will own the whole shebang. House, barn, shop, various decrepid other outbuildings, swimming pool (whacky, eh?), 2 ponds and 40 acres. Well, okay, okay, the bank will own it, but we WILL truly own this thing some day. For now we get to pay the taxes ourselves, with no assistance whatsoever! ;-)

We shall see how the signing goes... last year Stephen was out of town on business for BOTH the closing on the sale of our house, and the closing on the purchase of the 30 acres we already own. The children were, well, children. The Princess (our toddler daughter) screamed the whole time through the sale, except when she was nursing. At the purchase she and Farmer Boy (her big brother) argued most of the time. Didn't know an 18 month old could argue? Precocious child. I relied on the kindness and honesty of our realtor, Jim Morgan, who talked me through all the paperwork, and even brought toys for the kids the second time.

This time Stephen will be there, and the folks from whom we are buying the house know us, know the kids, and actually like children! :-) What a bonus!

On a totally different note... did you know that it is almost impossible to be a small organic farmer and actually make any money? UGH! I can not believe how regulated everything is, and how many things require a license. From what I can tell, just to sell cut non-organic flowers at a Farmers Market I need a special license. I have a lot of learning ahead, and I can see that a chunk of it is going to be legal and political.

Enough about the dark side... did I mention we are buying a farm? :-D YIPPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

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