Thursday, May 26, 2005

Chick Saga

The chick who hatched died. Disappeared. Without a trace. So did all the eggs under the hen. We suspect the dogs.

The hen kept sitting, despite her lack of eggs and chicks, so today I went and bought 10 Araucana type chicks.

Remember how I said "No more livestock in the house"? Well....

Yup, back in the tub. Bit of a softie here.

Stephen moved the dog house the hen was nesting in into a dog-proof barn during the day, and after dark we went down there to slide the chicks under the hen. To our surprise she was gone. She had returned to the carport, under which (in that dog house, mind you) she had been hunkered down for a good month. So we plucked her sleepy hen self off the roost she'd not slept on for ages, brought her, and the 10 chicks, down to the barn, and tucked them in in the dog house.

During the walk in the big Rubbermaid tub she had already gathered 4 of them under her wings by the time we got to the barn, so I am hopeful.

Stay tuned!

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