Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Duck Update

The ducks are fully feathered out and quite pretty. We keep trying to get them to live at the pond, but they make their way back up to the house. So we are herding them down in the morning when we go to see the goats, and using the opportunity to have the goats eat away at the poison ivy around the pond. It's fun, actually. Never thought of myself as a duck herder, but I actually enjoy it!

Here they are the very first time they swam in the pond...

Thinking about it ("That's the biggest bowl of water I've ever seen!"):

Fully in and eating weeds ("Yum! Yum! Hey! My feet aren't touching ground! Hey! This is fun!"):

They have done a nice job cleaning up the weeds around the edge of the pond. This kind (Pekin) does not eat fish. Between the ducks and goats the pond is really tidying up. Now I've decided I want some sheep so I don't have to spend three evenings just to mow the area we currently consider our "yard"!

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Anonymous said...

Patti, I am glad it is bed time here as I am exhausted just reading about your day on the 9th of June. We cry with you and laugh as we picture what you are writing about. It has so much meaning having visited your palace.
You must remember to take care of yourself so you can continue to take care all your family, human and animal. Love, Aunt Ginny