Thursday, February 01, 2007

Egg Faceoff

Today I made fried eggs for everyone for breakfast. I had only one farm egg for Stephen so I also used one store bought egg I had. What a difference just to look at! Our egg was so pretty; the store-bought egg was pale and icky looking. I noticed that even the white was tinted yellow, which indicates that what little color WAS in the yolk was helped artificially. It is a sadly common practice to add colorants to a factory farm hen's diet.

Here was Stephen's culinary assessment:

"The yolks have a distinctive difference... there's a taste I've never noticed before, and it's in the store bought egg, and it's not a good taste. The whites have the same taste - nothing - but the consistency of ours is much better. The store bought one is kinda more synthetic rubbery. Perhaps comparable to bubble wrap."

I didn't know he'd eaten bubble wrap before.

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