Thursday, February 22, 2007


I did not expect to be blogging about this so soon.

Introducing Molly's new babies...

Back in December, Molly was clearly in heat. Luke is fixed, so can't become a daddy. But this cycle, for the first time, a Great Pyrenees from up the road showed up. Molly and Luke kept chasing him off, but he managed to get Molly to let him mate... both Farmer Boy and I saw it. I watched her and she didn't seem like she was pregnant, until Monday, my first chance to really love on her since we got back from our trip. I noiced that her nipples were quite engorged and deduced she'd be having babies soon. I didn't realize HOW soon!

Tuesday, when Farmer Boy came in from his chores, I asked him if he'd noticed how swollen her "breasts" were. He said, "I didn't see her." That struck me as odd, until {oh!} "Put your boots back on and find her... check the dog houses; she may be having puppies already!"

Shortly thereafter, the children's squeals of delight from the front told me that she had indeed been busy! :-) Molly had one BIG baby girl (you can tell her daddy is a big boy) by 9:45 Tuesday morning. I could tell she had more coming throughout the day, but she never seemed really agitated. By nightfall she still had only one. I was a little bit worried until I googled it and learned that dogs can go up to 24 hours between birthing puppies. Sure enough, Wednesday morning we had another puppy, a little boy this time. This morning, Thursday, we're still at 2, so I think she's done. They are quite big for a dog her size, so I suspect she only was able to carry two of them.

We are greatly enjoying having new babies around again!

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Angela (Evan's girlfriend) said...

Hi Patty! This is Evan's girlfriend Angela. I got your blog from Vanessa and love reading it! Just thought I would say hi!