Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Turkeys

Stephen discovered a large flock of wild turkeys (technically called a rafter of turkeys) on our property recently. I was excited because we do not raise turkeys yet, so we still have to buy Thanksgiving and Christmas birds. Wild turkey for Thanksgiving dinner - how fitting!

Unfortunately (for me, not for the turkeys), turkey hunting season is in the spring. Good thing the folks in Plymouth lived before government regulations on hunting. Not that they were unfamiliar with the problems of a heavy-handed government...

Anyway, here are the birds. Ugly but in a really cool kind of way.


tinylittlemama said...

You can't hunt on your own property?!?

Patti said...

Yes, we can hunt here, but we have to have a hunting license with all the bells and whistles just like anywhere else, and we can only hunt what's in season (not including pests).

Stephen was walking around the property with a friend scouting out deer tracks one afternoon. They really hadn't planned to do any hunting (wrong time of day), but they'd brought their guns with them. Some guys from Parks and Wildlife happened to drive by and see them (on our own land), stopped, asked for licenses and ended up fining our friend $400 because he was missing a plug in his shotgun (this is a rule that has to do with duck hunting).

What do you think the founding fathers would think of that?