Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Additions

We have some new faces around the farm.

The youngster we bought to replace our old bull:

These sweeties were a surprise for the kids on Easter. Our first feed store critter purchase. :-) We're pretty sure they're Pekins.

And... drum roll please... Farmer Brown is so proud to present his newest toy...

He has already used it to move round bales, pull our neighbor's horse trailer out of the mud and shred a badly overgrown pasture. In addition to this work, he found out they sold him the wrong drive shaft, had it replaced, broke the right drive shaft and bought a new one. Oh, and on the way home one tire blew out on the trailer. I mean blew... treads completely stripped. The tire was replaced for free. All this and more in a mere three days! Very industrious. ;-)


Rurality said...

Men and their tractors! They really are just like big toys to them I think.

Patti said...

Yah, just looking at that picture is like looking at one of my son's toys with a tiny version of his dad in it. I'm serious!