Saturday, April 16, 2005

Super Hero Husband

I am married to a wonderful man. He just finished a week of vacation; a much deserved vacation. The man does not take vacation. He has so many vacation hours accrued for his off-farm job, they are no longer accruing.

So what did he do on his vacation? Go to Hawaii? Go skiing? Nope, he built fences. He built a lot of fences, and did it all by himself, and with no prior experience. They look AWESOME!

And now we can get goats! A week from today, on my mom's 62nd birthday, *I* get the present... two new goats!

Here are some pictures of my hero...

You can get very colorful when you have a three year old daughter:

You can also be a fierce dragon:

Working on the shed roof (don't fall!):

Hard at work on a conference call with colleagues (honest!):

One of my all time favorites, I call this "Mesmerized":

I love you, Stephen Brown! Thank you!!


shannon said...

Do share details on your new goats! We've met several neighbors this weekend, and it seems we're know for ours...."Oh wait, you ave theohse cute goats right by the road?" and "Oh, your goat always came to visit me!" (luckily that was Daphne who we sold, the other does stay put at home)

Rurality said...

Great pics, especially the first one! I'll have to see if my husband will let me do him up like that... or maybe like the dragon... LOL.

Anonymous said...

And I want it to be known that we have the best son-in-law in the universe!