Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wonderful goats

The goats have slipped into our lives seamlessly. I was nervous on Sunday because Snowy's digestive system was clearly off, but her "issues" resolved quickly. In their previous home they were in a very small yard and all their food was brought to them. Here they have access to a lot of browse and weeds, that they are really enjoying. Snowy's tummies just needed some time to adjust to her new diet. I limited their time out of the pen for the first few days to make it easier on everyone, but now they are free to roam within a large fenced area.

The family from whom we bought the goats is a sweet and quiet family. The goats seem to have been infused with these characteristics. They are lovely.

This evening the children and I went for a walk around the pond to see if any of the dewberries (wild blackberries) are ripe. We did find a few, which means a trip to Dewberry Hill, on the other side of our property, is in order! Yum!

On a whim, I decided to bring the goats with us. They follow us everywhere and I wasn't really concerned they would run off. Happily, I was right.

Here they are, with their first look at the pond (for Sylvester, likely the first time in his life he has seen a body of water larger than a bucket):

I hade read that goats eat, and enjoy, poison ivy! Proof positive:

Finally a non-chemical method that does not entail long hours of me at the end of a shovel!

I love our goats.


Nancy said...

Congratulations on the new additions to the family. I can't wait to meet them.
Love, Milly

Mary said...

Are they nubians? How adorable!!!

I hadn't read your blog in ages, and wow....I'm so glad to catch up!

Patti said...

Thanks on the congrats! We love them! Mary, they are La Manchas.