Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sleepy sleepy

So, you wonder, why are the Browns falling asleep so early?

Two words: HARD WORK

We have really been feeling what it might be like if we did this homesteading thing full time. In the past month Stephen has put more than 50 posts in the ground for fences... posts from trees that he cut on our property, trimmed, hauled, cut to size, hand-dug the holes for, then dropped in. And then he's actually attached the fencing.

He is gaining greatly in strength, and is officially a redneck! The other day he took his shirt off for a while outside while he worked because it was so hot, and I was blinded! We had a good laugh. :-)

I have been breaking as much new ground as I can before he gets the new garden totally fenced in. I daren't plant a thing yet because of the chickens. When our technical difficulties are overcome, one of the pictures I will post is of their dastardly work on the front flower bed. They are wonderful helpers for breaking new ground (they ate up some little wriggly bad bugs like candy yesterday), but they sound the death knell for living plants.

Today I didn't get much time in the garden because it was a very child-intensive day. I'm sure you homeschooling moms know what I mean. But we got through it, and the children eventually got all their work done. That kind of day causes a different kind of tired. Not the go-take-a-little-rest-at-7:30-and-then-I'll-do-the-dishes tired that my hard-working husband succumbed to tonight (it's midnight now and I haven't seen him since, poor dear!)

It doesn't help that Stephen and The Princess seem to be highly sensitive to oak pollen (which is high now). They both just get wiped out by it.

Well, I suppose I should stop talking about sleep and actually start sleeping!

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