Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Technical difficulties

Deary me. I have oodles of photos to post. But we seem to be under a black cloud of technical problems. First the camera went missing before I uploaded the photos to the computer. Then I found it and the battery was dead. Oops, no, not dead, the camera couldn't read that it was full and shut down immediately on starting. Super-hero-Midas-touch husband saved the day.

Me: "What did you do?"
Him: "Manhandled it."
Me: "No, really, tell me so I can do it the next time it happens."
Him: "I honestly don't know. It was whatever the last thing I did was."
Me (thinking) "Wow. That's incomprehensible to me on so many levels. And I am SO thankful for this man!"

So, hooray, we have pictures, we take more, I am all set to post, oops, Dreamweaver (through which I have always uploaded my photos) is set up differently than it used to be. So again I ask my hero, "If you have a chance, would you see why Dreamweaver isn't working the same way?"

So he fixes it. But I fall asleep. And now here it is tonight and HE has fallen asleep, and everything is broken again.

Honestly, I don't know how people without computer genius husbands manage. These machines are SO pesky!

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