Friday, January 26, 2007


We have a new little buck here these days. We got him back in November or so. He is a Nubian. His grandfather belongs to our friend. Ancient Abraham came and had a vacation with us last year, in the hopes of getting Snowy pregnant. Didn't work (we knew that was a possibility given his age).

So this year on a whim we bought his grandson, who Stephen named Esau. You know... Abraham... Isaac... Esau. :-)

After we bought him I realized that while he has the ability to become a daddy, he might not be big enough to reach! Not to mention the fact that Snowy and Sylvester have been pretty tough on him. I honestly don't know if he's bred Snowy. Time will tell.

He is cute though, and after our years with earless goats, he's making up by having ears in spades!

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