Thursday, January 11, 2007

Who needs organized sports?

I'm telling you, billions of dollars and loads of brain cells would be saved if everyone came to understand this basic concept:

You do not need organized sports if you have farm animals.

We have 50 or so two month old chickens in the brooder house. They need to move out of the house and its attached porch, not because there isn't enough room for them, but because they are flying out whenever we open it up to feed and water them. Today the kids and I (all three... Little Guy on my hip in the sling) teamed up to tackle the chore. In the process of removing, refilling and replacing three feeders and two waterers we lost three birds. Well, not LOST exactly. They flew out.

Let the games begin!

For a while there was a rake involved but I did not feel confident that we could avoid decapitating or otherwise maiming a chicken, so that got set aside. There was chasing, there was stalking, there were clever strategies involving feeders, and brilliant side moves to distract dogs. There was lunging and missing. And a lot of laughing.

Guess who won? They might not be smart but they're small and they're FAST.

Round two begins tomorrow, assuming the final winner isn't a coyote swiping his breakfast from under the brooder.

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