Tuesday, January 16, 2007


For days the local meteorologists have been all abuzz about an exciting weather event, and it has come. Already dubbed Ice Storm '07, we have been getting dire warnings along the lines of:

- Be sure to wear warm clothing
- Layering is important for increased warmth
- For safety walking on ice do not wear high heels, and take short flat steps.

We couldn't help laughing at "short flat steps." I know, not everyone grew up where ice was a normal part of every winter. But it always takes us by surprise how intensely locals react to winter weather around here. And how little people know about how to deal with it.

Everyone is cautioned to stay home, and for good reason. The fact is, most Austinites don't know how to drive on the ice. Not that it is a safe proposition anywhere, but around here it is doubly dangerous because of other drivers.

To give a juxtaposition: last February our friends were scheduled to come from Virginia for a visit. The day before their flight they got a foot or two of snow. The airport they were flying from was not closed. So they tried to go to the airport. They didn't manage (the roads were still impassible), but the point is, the airport wasn't closed!

Around the farm the cold and ice mean that chicken waterers are filled in the tub (due to frozen hoses), dogs get to sleep in the laundry room, Mamas bake special treats, and kids turn the driveway into a skating rink:

We're in for another day of sleet and freezing rain tomorrow. It's a party!!

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